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The storm flooding of 1962.

In the night of 16th/17th February, 1962, the water level during the storm flooding reached 5.7 metres above sea level, so that the consequences for the Niederelbe and Hamburg regions were extreme. The root of the catastrophe lay in a persistently long storm over the north North Sea and a hurricane over the German Bight, from a NNW-ly direction. Added to this, a flood wave came in from the Atlantic, which caused the water level to rise by one metre in Cuxhaven. On the lower reaches of the Elbe and its tributaries (which, at the time, were not properly protected and secured), the water reached previously unheard-of high levels. Altogether over 300 people in this region – though mainly in Hamburg – lost their lives.

Massive flooding occurred as a result of several dykes breaking on the Lühe, in Borstel and in Cranz. Countless buildings near these dykes were entirely destroyed by the masses of water. Whole basements were flooded and numerous animals drowned. The fire brigade, the army and technical relief forces were on active duty unflaggingly for days on end. Much of the population had to be evacuated that night. Clearing up lasted for months.  

Information board 5

Borsteler Reihe/Am Gräfenhof

21635 Jork

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